Why CoWorking Makes Sense : Now More Than Ever

When Brad Neuberg opened the first shared workspace in 2005 on an up and coming San Francisco corner, no one could have predicted the growth of the coworking concept. Today there are more than 19,000 coworking spaces operating around the world. 

Originally created to bring remote workers together under the concept of community, society has adapted to the idea of work flexibility and embraced the idea of “working from home” … just not at home.

 Prior to COVID-19 only 7% of the US working population reportedly worked remotely. During the COVID-19 crisis, that number shot to 64%. According to a study done by TalentLyft.com, 54% of people who went remote during the COVID pandemic, claim they would prefer to stay working from home in the future. In our opinion this is evidence that while a lot has changed, there are several things that have changed for good, and we think coworking may be your best advantage. Here are three reasons why we think coworking makes sense for you now, more than ever. 

Reliance on Technology

During the COVID crisis, working America relied on technology to keep everyone connected and productive. It forced companies to utilize zoom and communication tools such as slack and google elements. Now that 64% of the working population has seen the benefits of technology and the productivity outside of a typical office, many companies have chosen to keep it remote. Coworking was created for this shift in working culture. Many spaces have implemented webcams, screen sharing, bluetooth capacity, and other virtual aspects in their space to accommodate those who no longer need a corporate office. 

Flexibility: Financial and Lifestyle

Work-life balance is known to be a “millennial concept”, but after the culture shock of moving out of the office, many are realizing the 9-5 work day could be a thing of the past. The 54% of remote workers, who would prefer to stay remote have embraced the flexibility of being at home with family, the flexibility to pursue hobbies or side jobs, and we think coworking spaces are the perfect middle ground. Working from home is not for the faint of heart. Cut your home office time in half by having your own space to escape, and get some work done on your time and on your terms rather than the traditional 8 hour day in the cubical.

Business owners, YOU may benefit financially by choosing to split costs with coworking spaces. Placing your employees in a third party office building not only gives your employees well earned flexibility, but you share the cost of things like rent, power, wifi, electrical, etc. Many companies are realizing they don’t need to spend the extra dollars on the office space in the city, when there are $139 memberships available around the world for your employees to call home. 

Heightened Sense of Caution

One thing we predict will remain the same, is the heightened sense of caution. You deserve to feel a sense of safety and freedom when it comes to your workplace. Coworking spaces offer just that. Membership allows you to come and go as you please, and sit where you like. Whether that be in the common space or in your own private office, you decide your level of interaction during your work day without feeling stuck at home. 

Many coworking spaces have cut the contracts in half or eliminated them completely. Members no longer feel locked into their membership or office space in a sense that would hinder them or their company financially. The coworking community stands on collaboration, and freedom, combining the two and redefining work culture for the better. 

In summary, this country has seen a lot of change over the past few months. Some things we pray return to normal, and some may remain for the better. Work culture specifically has been impacted in ways no one could have predicted, but coworking spaces were prepared for. Perspectives have changed and priorities have changed. CoWorking was created and has evolved to support work-life balance through the use of technology, the cutting of costs, and the concept of choice. We are hopeful for the coworking future and are ready to grow alongside you and your professional and personal needs. 

If you haven’t considered coworking, let us help you dip your toes in at The Commons. Where we believe in strengthening family and community through gathering with friends and shaping the future.