Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Events

We’ve heard of live-streaming, we’ve become familiar with Zoom, but there is a new star in the meeting and events scene that we need to pay attention. Hybrid Events.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event or meeting combines technology and the traditional meeting strategies to create a unique experience for attendees present, not present, virtual, and in house. They utilize a group of face to face attendees to deliver content through digital platforms, and push the event to groups of attendees in multiple locations. 

In layman’s terms, host a small in-person event, film or record it, stream it to other locations, and use the recorded content to send out to an even larger audience. 

Why should you be informed?

The obvious answer is over the past six months, many companies, gatherings, formal events etc. have utilized technology to limit physical contact among people in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With restrictions still in place, it begs the question, will we ever be comfortable with gathering by the hundreds again? 

No matter what the future holds, we as a society have learned how beneficial technology can be and how to better utilize what we have.

Benefits of Hybrid vs Traditional

  • Hybrid Events not only limit physical contact, they expand the audiences you can reach. 
  • They provide opportunities for diversity in your attendance. 
  • They provide new content and delivery options. 
  • They create archives of content to produce and expand on for future meetings. 
  • They can connect multiple events occurring at the same or different times. 
  • Autonomy
  • See more on benefits to onsite coordinators, and meeting professionals at this article by The MPI Foundation “How-To Guide: Hybrid Meetings”

Why choose Phase Events for your hybrid event?

Space: Whether it be a socially distant meeting, or a corporate conference screened around the world, the facilities at Phase Events are equipped to handle it. With rooms seating groups of 10 up to 600, your attendees will feel comfortable in a building with ample space. 

Tech: Most importantly, our facility is equipped with the most state of the art audio and visual equipment in the Alpharetta area. Combine the equipment with our trusted partner technicians who specialize in virtual events, we can take your event hybrid and execute it seamlessly. 

Ask us about how you can take your event hybrid at The Legacy Theater and Phase Events at our website phase.center/events/hybrid-virtual-events.