A Franchise Opportunity to Implement a Multi-Use Church Strategy.


Phase is an independent operating company that is always looking for partners with large underutilized spaces to implement the Phase Family Center Multi-Use Strategy. New Phase partners will receive the critical pre-opening and ongoing support necessary to best steward their resources and positively impact their communities. Together, we can create a place for the community to gather with friends and shape the future.

The ideal
Phase Partner:

A church that wants to employ a multi-use strategy to improve stewardship and elevate their community impact

A church that wants to satisfy community needs by offering high-quality childcare and unique spaces for the community to gather

A church that has or is building a space that is well suited for childcare and/or community events

A church that wants strategic and operational assistance to execute their multi-use strategy so they can focus on the things that matter most to them

A church that wants to grow further, faster by generating supplemental income by better leveraging their existing space



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Our Site Assessment determines the feasibility of establishing a child development center at your location. This data will provide clarity about the needs in your community and the challenges you may face in opening a child development center. If you are ready to take the next steps in your journey, simply complete the form below to access details and pricing.