How Does Environment Affect Productivity?

In 2020, many of the working quickly learned how to create a productive environment. Whether you renovated your spare bedroom into your home office, or decided to get out of the house at, say a CoWorking space, we have all become exposed to the importance our environment has on our productivity. However, the impact goes beyond location, in fact it’s almost scientific. When one’s senses such as sight, sound, and touch are stimulated accordingly, concentration and creativity can be increased. This is why The Commons at Phase has created a unique and intentional place to plant your feet.



Sight is arguable the easiest of the 5 senses to consume and manipulate, more specifically by color and light. If you’ve ever visited The Commons, you might notice the accent color around the space is a navy blue. Intentional? Yes, very intentional. Believe it or not there are plenty of studies that prove blue is the color that most promotes productivity (See this

Study Conducted by Asian Journal of Behavioral Studies). While one of the most popular and widely accepted by all preferred aesthetics, it is also known to promote serenity, calm the mind and increase concentrationIt suits the accomplishment of administrative tasks, helps to promote better communication, and can be found everywhere in The Commons.  

Natural light has proven to be directly linked to worker’s sense of time, sleep, and overall quality of life. It is no surprise a window is the first ask of any office space, because being able to see the outside world comes with extreme restorative benefits. At The Commons, members in the shared space are flooded 9:00am – 5:00pm with natural light by floor to ceiling windows, sky lights, and a glass enclosed entrance. 


This is a controversial subject, mainly because sound and volume is personal preference. However, studies have shown that the influence sound has on productivity has to do with the task at hand. Creative tasks warrant music, specifically lyric free music or songs without a recognizable melody.


When performing administrative tasks, ambient noise is known to increase concentration. For example the buzz of a coffee shop, or subtle lo-fi beats through the office speaker.  

No matter the task, The Commons at Phase has created a unique environment that hosts corners designed for any task at hand. With a member’s kitchen smack in the middle of the workspace, the coffee shop buzz is subtle but consistent. We invite members to use the space as their own, creating a feeling of full even on a Friday at 5:00pm.

Our curated music stations are pumped through the halls day in and day out. We invite members to provide feedback, and have created a collection of indie pop, singer song writer, coffee shop, and instrumental selections to suit all ears.  


Touch / Proximity

If you are new here, Phase Family Center has a saying that embodies the core of our values as a business, “Gather With Friends. Shape The Future”. Together is better. That’s the whole point of CoWorking right? Working in an open, collaborative space is unique to the CoWorking industry. Even corporate offices have adopted the open layout, conference table desk options simply because face to face, and a solid handshake is simply ideal. Coworking is designed to bring likeminded individuals who bring different services or skills to the table. It’s built in, natural networking as well as constant inspiration. Remember, agreeing to CoWorking is agreeing to a shared space. Shared with the most brilliant business people and entrepreneurs in the game.

Long story short, at The Commons we mean business. Modern, collaborative business, but we set out with the intention of creating a community space for the working moms, working, dads, startups and beyond. Everything from the window placement to the music, to the paint color was chosen with productivity in mind. Don’t believe us? Stop in and see it for yourself. We can’t wait to work with you!