Why You Need To Consider These 3 Tips to Extreme Productivity

“3 Tips To Extreme Productivity” what a cliche idea for a blog post right? That’s why we want to spice it up a bit. Considering we are a coworking space, located in the suburbs of Atlanta, that offers child care, coworking, and event space… we are ALL about challenging the traditional. Here are 3 unusual tips to producing extreme productivity.

1. Aim to create systems, not goals.

Ever heard someone encourage the lack of one having goals? Traditional work culture is built on goals. Sales goals, revenue goals, deadlines, enrollment goals, etc. but what if we started focusing on the process first? You can’t reach a goal without a system to get there. For example, don’t set a goal of signing 50 new contracts this month, focus on calling 2 leads a day. In other words, when attempting to be more productive, don’t focus on what you want to do, focus on what you will do today. Focus on the process and before you know it, you will have reached your goal.

2. Spend less time on the more important tasks

Another controversial idea, spend less time on the more important tasks. Allow me to paint this picture. You are back in college, it’s the beginning of the semester and your professor informs you of a research paper due in December that will be 70% of your grade. Chances are you aren’t starting that paper on the first day of class, although maybe you should due to the importance. December 15th hits, and you are able to crank that paper out in a week because when you limit the amount of time you allow yourself to finish a task, you are more focused, more motivated, and you get more accomplished. Aim to complete the more important tasks in a smaller time frame and watch your to do list dwindle.

Take a Break

The secret to working productively, work less. Avoid burnout by taking breaks. Reward yourself with a break. Whether it be leaving the office for lunch, leaving at 5:00pm no matter what’s left on the to do list, or simply timing yourself with 30 mins of work, 5 minute break. The more time you allow yourself to breath, the less pressure you will feel, the less stressed you will be, and the more productive you will work when it’s time to focus.

Unconventional suggestions, we know, but try it for yourself. There will always be work to get done, but who says a clean desk, or an organized inbox is the only way to perform productively.

As a bonus, we have added a free downloadable 2020/2021 Goals Sheet to kick start all of your productivity goals.

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