May Curriculum : In the Past & On the Move

Our theme for May is In the Past and On the Move. Our focus is dinosaurs, wild west and transportation. We read the book Dinosaur Dance by Sandra Boynton and in STEM, we made dinosaur fossils using small toy dinosaurs and air-dry clay. During our Wild West week, we read the book Lasso the Moon by Trish Holland and in Culinary class we made S’mores. For two weeks we explored transportation by reading books such as Things that Go by Amy Pixton and dancing to the Cars soundtrack during Music & Movement. 

Week 1: Dinosaurs (part 1)

Week 2: Dinosaurs (part 2)

Week 3: Wild Wild West

Week 4: Transportation (Land)

Week 5: Transportation (Air & Water)

Recap of April

April was such an exciting time for Phase where we welcomed Spring with our theme Spring Fling. Our focus for each week included Weather, Flowers & Gardens, Bugs and Save the Earth. The first week of April we focused on Weather and learned about basic weather terms and the changes of weather in Spring. During Art we made paper plate umbrellas and for Culinary we made cheese and cracker suns. In Music & Movement we made spring batons and danced to music inspired by Spring and in STEM, we used straws and cotton balls to learn about wind. The second week of April we learned about Flowers and Gardens. During Art we made paper plate flowers and for Culinary we made a flower using carrot and celery slices. In Music & Movement we used our bodies to personify the growth of a plant from seed to sprout and in STEM we used shape tiles to build flowers and plants. The third week of April we celebrated Earth Day with our theme Save the Earth. During Art we made coffee filter Earths using spray bottles of water, coffee filters and blue & green paint and for Culinary we made edible Earths using rice cakes and colored cream cheese. In Music & Movement, we learned a new clean up song and for STEM class we used blue and green cloud dough to make an Earth ball. The fourth week of April, we learned about Bugs. In Art we made coffee filter butterflies using coffee filters, markers, and pipe cleaners and for Culinary we made ‘bug juice’ smoothies. During Music & Movement we danced to music doing insect motions such as hopping like grasshoppers and in STEM class we examined bugs using magnifying glasses. What fun we had learning in April! 

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