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Why Co-Working?

Coworking is a rapidly growing professional phenomenon. It’s a creative concept that blends work and life in a unique way. While the word coworking is typically associated with shared office space, it has developed a massive influence over the way we currently work and will work in the future.

The first shared office space was opened in 2005 by Brad Neuburg in San Francisco. At the time, he was a young entrepreneur with a dream to meld communities with professional collaboration. 

Now, coworking spaces are popping up in most major cities with a 24% growth rate, as the younger generation shifts work culture as we know it. 

Today, coworking spaces aren’t simply shared space, and they aren’t limited to entrepreneurs and freelancers. Many large corporations utilize memberships for their employees around the country, while small businesses take advantage of the cost and resource sharing. 

Why should you choose coworking?

Sense of Work Identity Among All types of Work. 

Coworking spaces are designed to place people of all types of work in one space. This eliminates the direct competition or internal politics that often causes conflict. Working alongside people with a variety of different talents and assets allows the opportunity to learn from others, while frequently describing their line of work with pride, thus increasing a positive work identity. 

Work-Life Balance

While work-life balance has become more of a priority among the upcoming generations, coworking is helping to define balance. Most coworking spaces are open 24/7. Many coworking spaces are developing a system for child care. These adaptations allow for job control. You control your hours, your environment, while feeling a sense of belonging with others who prioritize balance every time you come to work. 

Increased Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees. Coworking spaces are designed to challenge the normal office environment with open floor plans, coffee shops, and a buzzing atmosphere. This type of environment encourages conversation, relationships, and makes coming to the office slightly less mundane. Most remote or self employed workers have the option to work from home, however the routine of an office environment combined with the sense of belonging to a team is the perfect recipe for productivity. 

Belong to a Community

Most coworking spaces are not open to the public. Aside from new members joining, there is typically a consistent group of coworkers in the office day in and day out. While this mimics the feeling of a “work family” it also provides opportunities for developing relationships with people in a similar stage of life. Many coworking spaces have community events, whether that be family events with the kids, or a happy hour every Thursday, members receive the opportunity to network while developing relationships with others local to your community. 

Why The Commons?

The Commons at Phase has taken these 4 points to the next level. As the largest coworking space in America with on-site child care, we are proud to say we put family first. We offer both private offices, and memberships to suit all working needs while providing space for both our extroverts and introverts. From the minute you walk in The Commons door, the staff treats you like family, the coffee shop will remember your regular drink, and treat you like one of our own.

While the concept of coworking is typically millennial driven, we have members of all ages and backgrounds. The group is diverse, the talents vary, and the opportunity for growth is larger than in any typical office space. 

The Commons at Phase is not only a coworking space. We offer unique amenities designed to grow alongside you as your small business takes off. Some of these amenities include a fully equipped podcast studio, meeting rooms, training rooms for groups of up to 50, and a large event space. All of these amenities are onsite, in your office and ready for you to fill. 

The Commons at Phase truly is a one stop shop for workers of all variety, the only thing we are missing is you!



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