Health and Safety

COVID-19 Update

We’re open! We’ve made our home even safer so you can get out of yours. Phase is committed to giving your family a safe place to create a new normal. The safety and well-being of our students, families and staff is our highest priority. We have been and will continue to follow the information and guidance provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the department of public health. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update our safety practices as necessary. This page was last updated on May 29, 2020.

    COVID-19 Precautions

    Drop Off and Pickup

    To minimize the number of people in the center, we are providing curbside drop off and pickup. We have also implemented contactless check in-out using QR scans. We have established separate entrances for preschoolers and campers. Finally, our team does a temperature and wellness check of every student before they join us for the day. Relationships are an important part of the culture at Phase, so students are brought to class by a teacher they know! If any of our students get sick or run a temperature during the day, they are able to rest in our clinic until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting

    Every day, our team follows a sanitizing schedule using our ZONO Disinfectant and Sanitizing Cabinet for all of our toys, equipment, and even our families’ car seats. This revolutionary device kills 99.9% of common viruses on non-porous surfaces and 99.9% of common bacteria on non-porous, porous and semi-porous surfaces. In addition, our classrooms, and enrichment rooms are sanitized after each use. Our playgrounds are sprayed after each session using “Odoban” sanitizing spray.

    Special Camp Experience

    Campers have their own separate entrance to check in and out. Our campers’ backpacks and water bottles are all stored in clear vinyl bags on classroom carts outside of each group’s home room. After each camp activity in our enrichment rooms, gym, and playground, our team sanitizes all surfaces and places equipment in our ZONO Disinfectant and Sanitizing Cabinet. Although we will not be hosting any special visitors, or going on field trips, our summer camp schedule is full of fun, engaging activities that leverage the talents of our incredible team.

    Staff Safety

    All staff complete a temperature and wellness check before entering the building. Everyone on our team wears a face mask when caring for our children. We have provided “CLEER” SNS 85 mask filters and fun face masks to help ease our student’s anxiety about seeing their teachers wearing masks. 

    Health and Safety Activities

    We are working hard to maintain a safe learning environment for all students and staff by continuously educating students and staff about the importance of frequent hand washing; proper techniques for covering a cough or sneeze; not touching one’s eyes, nose, and mouth; staying home when ill, and other measures to prevent the spread of all communicable diseases.

    Family Tours and Guests

    Normally, we invite all new families to stop by to visit at any time. Currently we are not allowing outside visitors into the facility while we are serving our current students. As new families schedule a tour, we provide times outside of regular operating hours to visit.

    Phase is Family

    It was quite an adjustment not having Phase in our life every day. We really missed it as the coronavirus shutdown continued for weeks and weeks and weeks. We are so grateful for the Phase family and everything that goes along with it. It's just a great place for me and my kiddos.

    Alyssa M.