Distance Learning Families

We're In This Together

We know this isn’t how you planned the school year to start. But at Phase, we are doing everything we can to provide children and their families with the best possible experience during this difficult time. Below you will find a checklist of to help you prepare your child for a great start to the school year. Check back often as we will continue to add to this page and make changes as more information becomes available.

Please note:

Schools are beginning to post more detailed schedule information (thanks for emailing those to us!). We are reviewing that information carefully to group students with similar schedules together. Once this information is collected for all schools, we will be able to create specific teacher and classroom assignments.

Next week, we will send a Pre-Start Questionnaire to collect the last remaining pieces of information necessary to begin the school year. For example, do you plan to participate in K-2nd online learning if offered by your school? Would you like to designate another Phase family as an authorized carpool pickup for your child? Be on the lookout for this questionnaire!

We're Here to Help!

I’m Dr. Dianne Steinbeck, Phase Family’s Director of School-Age Education and newest team member. We know there is a lot to think about as we approach this school year. Please email me with any questions.


#1 Create Your ProCare Account

Phase Family Learning Center uses Procare Connect to check in-out students, communicate with parents, send invoices and collect payments.

Step 1. Sign-up for ProCare. Most of you have already received an email invitation to join ProCare. If you have not, you will shortly. Everything you need will be in the email.

Step 2.
 Download the ProCare app on your phone.

Step 3.
 Review our ProCare guide for new Phase parents. This guide explains how to message your child’s teacher, review your balance, setup your payment method, understand the billing calendar and more.

#2 Purchase School Supplies

To decrease the spread of germs, sharing school supplies is discouraged. Phase will provide each student with a caddie to store their supplies. We ask parents to periodically re-check their child’s supplies so students are well-stocked. If your school has published a supply list, please ensure your child has the required supplies.


#3 Attend Our Open House


To ensure a successful start to the school year, we request that everyone attend our open house. Families will be able to meet teachers. Students will familiarize themselves with their classroom and move into their desk (2nd grade and higher). We will also complete a technology check to ensure students can log into our network easily on their first day. Finally, we will make sure that you are successfully signed up for ProCare with a unique check in-out number.


We will hold three open houses, grouped alphabetically by student’s last name. This will allow siblings to attend the same open house.

  • Last Name A – F: Wednesday, August 12 from 6:30 – 7:30pm
  • Last Name G – O: Thursday, August 13 from 6:30 – 7:30pm
  • Last Name P – Z: Friday, August 14 from 6:30 – 7:30pm

What to Bring

  • K – 2nd (packet): Bring school supplies to stock-up your workspace.
  • K – 2nd (online): Bring school supplies to stock-up your workspace. Also, bring your charged computer/tablet and headphones so that we can perform a technology check. (We realize some schools may issue a device at a later date. In that case, we can setup that device when issued).
  • 3rd – 9th: Bring school supplies to stock-up your workspace. Also, bring your charged computer/tablet and headphones so that we can perform a technology check.

#4 Mark Your Calendars

None of us can predict what the school year will bring. We have provided key dates through the end of the year assuming schools remain closed. If/when things change, we will revisit this plan.

  • Aug 17. First quarter begins (9 weeks of school)
  • Sep 7. Phase Distance Learning is closed for Labor Day.
  • Sep 25. Commit to second quarter of Phase Distance Learning.
  • Oct 16. First quarter ends.
  • Oct 19. Second quarter begins (8 weeks of school + 1 week of Thanksgiving break)
  • Nov 23-27. Phase Distance Learning is closed for Thanksgiving break (no tuition).
  • Nov 23-25. Students can enroll in optional School-Break Camps at Phase.
  • Dec 18. Second quarter ends.
  • Dec 21-31. Phase Distance Learning is closed for Winter break (no tuition).
  • Dec 21-24. Students can enroll in optional School-Break Camps at Phase.
  • Dec 28-31. Students can enroll in optional School-Break Camps at Phase

#5 Plan Your Carpool

We know it’s important to make drop-off and pick-up as efficient as possible for both students and parents. Our preliminary plan includes the items below. More details about the traffic pattern will be shared during the Open House and then posted to this website.

  • We are requesting a police officer to direct traffic on Morris Road for the first week
  • We are planning a dedicated, one-way Distance Learning carpool lane
  • We are preparing for curbside drop-off and pick-up in front of the center
As more school schedules are released, we continue to refine our carpool plan. Our preliminary timing based on the school schedules that have been released is outlined below. Please continue to check back here for the latest timing.
  • Drop-Off (All Students). Carpool begins 30 minutes before school begins (more exact timing to come).
  • Pick-Up (K – 5th not attending After School). Carpool runs from 2:00 – 2:30 PM.
  • Pick-Up (K – 5th attending After School).  Students can be picked up from 2:30 – 6:00 PM.
  • Pick-Up (6th – 9th). Students can be picked up from 4:30 – 6:00 PM.

Are you an existing Phase Preschool Family?

If yes, you can drop-off and pick-up your Distance Learning student at the same time you drop-off and pick-up your Preschool student. There is no need to enter the Distance Learning carpool lane.

Are you planning to carpool with another Phase family?

We can designate authorized carpool pick-ups in ProCare that allow other Phase families to pick-up your child. This option will be included in the Pre-Start Questionnaire.

How does the After School program work?

  • K – 5th. For $25 per week, your K – 5th student can participate in our structured After School program. At the end of their regular school day at 2pm, they will begin our After School activities. Pickup time is extended to as late as 6pm. To allow us to properly plan for staffing, the decision is a simple “yes” or “no” for the 9-week quarter. When we send our Pre-Start Questionnaire next week, we will confirm your desire to participate in this program.
  • 6th – 9th. Please note, since 6th – 9th grade schedules end at 4:30pm, we have decided to automatically extend their pickup time to 6pm. Students will be able to work in a study hall or use the recreational room between 4:30 and 6:00 pm. No After School option is required for these students. This allows parents of a 6th – 9th student and a K – 5th student in After School to pick their children up at the same time.

#6 Prepare Your Child for Healthy Habits

Please prepare your student to promote their own health and the health of their teachers and peers.

  • Students will be temperature screened before they are allowed to enter the building.
  • Students will wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Students will be provided with large workspaces to allow distance while they work.
  • Students will be required to wear masks when not at their workspace or outside.

Learn more about health and safety at Phase.

#7 Pack Allergy-Friendly Food

Distance Learning students must bring their own lunch.

  • K – 5th. Morning and Afternoon snacks will be provided. Students should bring their own lunch.
  • 6th – 9th. Students should bring their own lunch and snacks.
Please read this important information about food safety.

Phase Family Center provides a peanut / tree nut free environment. We recognize that food allergies can cause serious and potentially life threatening conditions for some children. To keep all our children safe, Phase aims to eliminate those foods that have been determined to cause allergic restrictions in children.

It is estimated that over 5 million children aged 18 years and under have some kind of food allergy and that number has been rising. Though there are many theories as to why this is, no one knows for sure. What we do know is that allergic reactions can range anywhere from mild (with symptoms like redness and itchiness) to anaphylaxis (a life threatening reaction that can include vomiting, difficulty breathing and in extreme cases, death).

As a ‘nut free zone’ we ask that snacks must not be made with nuts or manufactured in a plant with nuts. While products that are made with nuts may be a little more obvious, products that are manufactured in a plant with nuts are a little more difficult to pick out. The best way to do this is by reading the labels. Most brands will mark their packaging with an allergen list or a warning that states one of the following:

  • ‘May Contain Peanut or Tree Nuts’
  • ‘Processed on Equipment with Peanuts or Tree Nuts’
  • ‘Manufactured in a Plant with Peanut or Tree Nuts’
  • ‘Contains Peanut or Tree Nut Ingredients’
Please read the labels. While this may complicate your lunch packing plans, the inconvenience is worth the health and safety of everyone at our centers. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

#8 Pack Daily Supplies

Please help your child start off on the right foot each day by checking off this list each morning.

  • Mask. Please ensure your child wears a mask to school each day.
  • Fully-Charged Device. Please have your child charge their device each evening.
  • Power Cord. To charge their device at Phase, students will need their own power cord.
  • Headphones. See our school supply lists above.
  • Books and Assignments. As required by their school.
  • Lunch and Snacks. See our food requirements above.
  • Water Bottle. Students should bring their own water bottle, which can be refilled at Phase.
  • Extra Layer. If you child gets chilly in air conditioning, pack an extra layer to wear during class time.
  • School Supply Replenishment. As needed.