Phase Foundations

Phase Foundations, our preschool curriculum for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years, prepares your child with the skills and knowledge they need for the future. By providing an engaging curriculum and meaningful classroom activities that challenge children to explore their interests, acquire knowledge, and build new skills, our hope is to meet these needs in every way.
Our Phase Foundations Curriculum offers a consistent curriculum for every age-group, with a unified monthly theme. It provides meaningful, whole-classroom activities that challenge children to explore their interests, acquire knowledge, and build new skills based on literature. The STEAM Phase Foundation Curriculum offers small group and individual activities so that every kid has ample opportunity to practice, achieve goals, and experience success.

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Educational Values

Phase Foundations ensures your unique child grows as both an artist and a scientist.


is a natural artist and scientist
We emphasize the arts (literary, visual, music, drama) AND the sciences (nature, technology, engineering, math). We plan times to move and work together more loudly while creating others to slow down and think more quietly.


is a child's first and best teacher
We communicate daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, in many different forms (digital, paper, formal, informal) to partner better. We offer monthly family nights to come and explore a specific domain (literary, science, technology, art) or the entire learning center more in-depth.


is a champion for children and families
We enable teachers through effective technology to document learning and observations to use in conferences with parents and directors. We empower them through on-site AND on-line training. We maintain a culture of learning and rewards in order to continue developing their knowledge and skills to better support children and their families.


is the third teacher
We provide visual environment guides and supply lists with recommended materials for classroom centers, enrichment rooms, and outdoor learning areas. We open our doors regularly to the community for family fun, shared learning, and even birthday parties and special events.

Eight Distinctives of Phase Family Learning Center

1  We embrace every child’s unique story.

2  We lead every child to lead.

3  We support every child’s holistic needs with a dedicated team.

4  We develop future skills through creative play and practice.

5  We celebrate the power of community and family.

6  We design environments that inspire.

7  We measure what matters most.

8  We connect what happens here to what happens at home.

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