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Remote Working After COVID-19

There are many unknowns surrounding changes in society post COVID – 19, but the co-working industry is wondering how will COVID- 19 affect remote workers? What does it mean for you, your company, and work culture in general? 

Truthfully, no one has the answer just yet. Since the eruption of the pandemic, the entire working world has been forced to adopt the work from home culture. The questions is, will companies remain remote or will the need for social interaction in the workplace become more evident? In our opinion the pendulum could swing either way, however we believe co-working could be the happy medium between both extreme reactions. 

Working remotely has been considered a concept favored by the millennial working generation. However, during the quarantine period, positions has high as the CEO all the way down to the entry level analyzer have been forced to utilize virtual platforms during the work from home reality. Is it possible that the work force may continue to stray from the typical 9 – 5 workday? 

Corporate America Goes Virtual

More companies may realize that working virtually has benefits to upholding work-life balance, cutting costs, and increasing productivity. Prior to the pandemic, only 40% of US coworking memberships belonged to major corporations. More companies could face the realization that the need for their employees to be in the same office is unnecessary and revert to using bounce spaces, or coworking spaces. 

Mad Dash To The Office

On the other hand, there are predictions of the opposite extreme. Since being quarantined many are craving social interaction among peers. There are benefits of face to face interaction, confrontation, and collaboration that many people miss about being in the office. While the infiltration of the office space may be a slow one, we are confident that co-working will fill the gap.

Where Does Co-Working Fit In The Future?

Co-Working was designed to bring those who work remotely into an environment that encourages collaboration. With technology today, working remotely has never been easier, but that does not minimize the human need of being a part of a community. That’s where we come in. No matter the direction your company takes post COVID – 19, coworking spaces will continue to create environments away from the home office. We are equipped with the highest level of technology, innovative ways to take your private call and be a part of your remote meetings, all while working from what feels like your favorite coffee shop. 

The Commons at Phase is willing and ready to grow alongside the new norms of the workforce, and are ready to rebuild our Phase Family. If you are looking for a coworking space to call your work home, visit our website and tell us what you think.

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