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Planning an Event in a World of Social Distancing

Dealing with restrictions while planning an event is not a new concept – be it, budget, space, dates, etc. However, today laws have added new restrictions that prohibit or limit social gatherings, creating a new beast for event planners to battle. Some shows will be canceled, some postponed, but some shows will go on and will go on safely. Here is how we suggest you plan an event during a period of social distancing, safely and effectively. 

1. Keep It Personal

As much as we miss the adrenaline of 400 + people gathering in celebration, society is far from accepting that, therefore we have to be as well. When considering who to invite to your event, consider family first. As the rules loosen, so may your guest list but until then keep it personal. 

2. Don’t Forget Your Vendors

No matter the limitation of the social distancing rules, don’t forget to count your vendors in your guest list. Photographers, event planner, technicians, band, catering etc. are all considered part of the gathering. Consider who is vital, and adapt. Along the same lines, traditional catering measures may be a thing of the past. Ditch the buffets, too much liability. Consider boxed meals, plated meals, or simple pre-packaged to go items to snack on during your event. 

3. Provide Options for Participation

In today’s world of technology, there are so many ways to engage those who didn’t make the cut. Consider live streaming your event or pieces of it. If you are planning a fundraiser or corporate event, engage online guests via virtual donating, or virtual Q and A. Don’t forget about the use of a hashtag. Create an outlet for people who couldn’t attend to engage with photos via a personalized social media hashtag. 

4. Follow You Venue’s Guidelines

Trust that your venue has put procedures in place to ensure their client’s safety, and abide by the state’s social distancing guidelines. At Phase, we have taken specific measures to ensure staff and guest safety, which you can find here.  

Whether you are moving forward, rescheduling or scheduling for the future, consider Phase Events to host your next socially distant soiree, safely.

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