Meet The Team

Meet the team that makes The Commons at Phase all that it is! Our executives and feet on the ground have answered a few questions to help you get to know the faces you see in the office each day. Now that you’ve met us, be sure to say hello next time and tell us your go to coffee order, or favorite adventure.

– Sincerely,

Your Phase Family


Frank Bealer

CEO - Phase

Go-to Coffee Order: Tall Blonde Vanilla Flat White

A Fun Fact About Me : I used to be in a punk rock band

Last Book I Read: Think Again by Adam Grant

Next place I want to travel: Bali


Jeff Williams

COO – Phase

Go-to Coffee Order:  Iced coffee (only before mixed doubles tennis so I don’t let my wife down) 

Last Book I Read: Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins 

Favorite Part About Working at Phase:  Seeing us grow up (just like our students)

Favorite Adventure:  Biked 200 miles with my family through France, ending at Omaha Beach 

I was Born In: West Virginia (almost heaven)


Ayanna Hawkins

Marketing Director and General Manager – Phase

Go-to Coffee Order: Vanilla Chai Tea Latte XHot

Favorite Adventure: Climbing the Great Wall of China

I was Born In… NYC


Devaun Walker

Project Manager – Phase

Go-to Coffee Order: Grande, Black 

A Fun Fact About Me: I can play 7 different instruments 

Next Place I Want to Travel: England


Johna Castro

Marketing Consultant – Phase

Go-to Coffee Order: Lavender Latte  

Next Place I Want to Travel: The Philippines 

Favorite Instagram Account: @bradmontague


Francesca Connolly

Sales and Events Manager – Phase Events

Go-to Coffee Order: Double short americano. 

Last Book I Read: Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Next Place I Want to Travel: Croatia  

Favorite Adventure: Spending time with the Bedouins of Egypt. 

Favorite Thing About Working at Phase: Getting the chance to work with people of all different backgrounds, industries, and culture through hosting events.


Jackson Speed

Community Manager – The Commons

Go-to Coffee Order: Vanilla Soy Latte 

Last Book I Read: Love is a Mixtape by Robert Sheffield  

Next Place I Want to Travel: London 

Favorite Adventure: Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica, and making sushi on the boat, fresh from the ocean!