February Curriculum Theme : Hometown Helpers

The theme of “Hometown Helpers” allows us to further build on our knowledge gained in previous themes about various workers in our community. Each week we will focus on occupations and the roles these jobs play in our community such as doctors, firefighters, delivery persons, chefs, and construction workers. In learning more about jobs, we’ll also explore the tools and materials used in these occupations. We’ll create our own restaurant, post office and library. There is so much to explore in learning about the helpers in our hometown!

 In February, we’re focused on service. I Can Help is our declaration of the role we play in our community. Thought provoking conversations, engaging books and charitable acts will help us understand ways we can help. In the classroom we will help by doing jobs to contribute to the success of our learning environment. To build the home and school connection, we can help at home through chores and other activities around the house. 

Some books we’ll read to connect the theme

Helpers in My Community by Bobbie KalmanJobs

Around Town by Stan and Jan Berenstain

I Can Help by Jennifer Hilton

Some activities we’ll do to connect the theme

  • Become architects to draw buildings then become construction workers and use our drawings to construct our buildings using blocks and Legos
  •  Play games where we match tools to the correct worker
  • Become chefs and create tasty and nutritious meals