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Hybrid & Virtual Events

Meetings Aren't Cancelled, Just Different

Stay connected with your team while hosting a live event in Alpharetta. Hybrid events will keep your team connected and enable you to reach a wider audience, improve your return on investment, and create new types of experiences.

Phase Events will help your next meeting be more impactful. Hybrid meetings combine live, in-person elements with virtual, on-line components.

What is a Hybrid Meeting?

Hybrid Events

Hybrid meetings create a unique experience for attendees whether they are in the room or are participating virtually. These meeting, when done well, create the best possible experience for everyone by integrating technology with traditional event practices to create new types of attendee experiences and content delivery. They include any meeting or event with at least one group of face-to-face participants that digitally connects with participants in another or multiple locations.

Don't Worry, We Will Handle the Details

Hybrid meetings should feel effortless for the attendees but they require a lot of planning before, during and after. This is where we come in. Our team can make sure that you have a flawless experience for both in person and online attendees.

Event venue in Alpharetta

The Right environment and equipment for excellence




We have partnered with the best audio visual companies to smoothly execute the virtual aspect of your event. Make a visual impact with add-ons such as a 32 led wall, stage sets or create an experience by sending your participants remote or live, fun company swag.

Going Completely Virtual?

Zoom works for some meetings but some ideas need an upgrade to feel different. Take your event fully online. With so many remote tools, you can create, promote, and host a virtual event. we have a variety of different spaces to host your virtual summit, training, town hall, webinar, or on-line workshop

Whether your meeting or webcasting event is hybrid or virtual, Phase Events can help your company create the best possible experience.