Children’s Books on Race: an Age-by-Age Guide

We know as parents many of you may be navigating difficult conversations with your kids as it pertains to race, equality, and injustice. To further equip you, we’ve put together a list of children’s books that we hope can be helpful tools and resources for your family.

Below we’ve put together an age-by-age list of books that teach on race, celebrate people of color, and encourage anti-racist mentalities.

For ages 3 and up

All About Friends

Babies Come From Airports

Don’t Touch My Hair

Last Stop on Market Street

I Am Enough

Room on our Rock

Skin Again

For ages 5 and up

A Kids Book About Racism

Brave Ballerina

Hands Up!

Hidden Figures

Mae Among The Stars

My Hair is a Garden

Something Happened in our Town

The Day You Begin

For ages 7 and up  

Amazing Women

Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson

Extraordinary Life of Malala Yousafzai

Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks

Here and There

Little Leaders

Little Legends

Are there books you are reading that have been helpful for your family? Let us know!

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