Building Phase Family

Have you driven by and wondered “What is that?” on the corner of Webb Bridge Road and Morris Road? After months of work, it is finally starting to take shape. That, my friends, is the beginning of the Phase Family Learning Center.

Now your next question might be “What on earth is The Phase Family Center?” Good! I was hoping to catch your attention. Phase is a unique concept based on the needs of early learning child care, and the desire of families to be connected with others in our community. As working parents, the need for quality, cutting-edge academics, and character development is just as important as finding a safe, loving place to care for your children. After all, they are your “heart with legs”. But what if I told you, there is so much more? What if I shared with you the secret that we at Phase have known all along? Parents need a safe and loving place to connect with other families in the community.

As the progress on our building continues, you will soon be able to see what our 65,000 sq foot facility is all about. A family center where families have an opportunity to have fun, and connect with other families in Alpharetta. A cutting edge, high-quality child care center that offers specialized curriculum for Infants through Pre-K. An After School Program that services many of the local elementary schools in Alpharetta. Are you getting excited yet?

Wait. I told you that the building is 65,000 sq feet, right? That can’t all be a school….. Well, you’re right! Not only do we offer preschool, we will be opening the Legacy Theater. The Legacy Theater is a destination for all kinds of community event. From trainings, weddings, recitals, to an evening of fun comedy events. The possibilities are endless.

The City of Alpharetta employs over 120,000 people, making it a very enticing city to be a part of! We are excited to be able to contribute a state of the art, co-working space for you that offers you the opportunity to have child care.

Within the last few months we have seen the land cleared, steel beginning to take shape, and concrete poured. We are proud to be a part of the Alpharetta and Avalon landscape, and even more excited to a part of the community!

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