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5 Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Coworking Space

In the year 2021, coworking spaces are emerging around the globe. That expansion is thanks to major coworking franchises like WeWork, Regus, and Office Evolution who offer multiple locations and amenities. At The Commons, we believe the space you choose should be unique to you, and there may be more benefits to choosing a smaller, niche coworking space. Why? Glad you asked… here are 5 benefits of choosing to work from a smaller coworking space 

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 Local Conveniences 

Smaller, boutique spaces must get creative in partnering with the community to one- bring awareness and two- provide members with perks and local conveniences. The Commons is home to several regular Alpharetta Chamber events, ABA meetings, Alpharetta Mom’s work out classes and more. Our members often receive free admission to public events and discounts from the childcare facility. They also reap the benefits of the vendors who partner with us on events such as monthly bartending classes, sample tastings, and overall awareness of their own presence in the community. 

Personalized Service  

As it reigns true for most businesses, a smaller independently owned coworking space is more likely to treat their members like friends rather than clients. At The Commons, we pride ourselves on knowing each of our members by name. We know their backgrounds, some of them their families, and seek to create an experience financially, physically, and socially that feels like family. Phase family. We often have our members decide themes for member events, music playlists, coffee brands etc. We also offer access to the building 24/6, and have created all processes with that in mind.   

Flexible Terms 

Coworking is often used in conjunction with the word “flex-space”. A flexible space offers you the freedom to work on your own terms. At The Commons, we offer shared space and private office options on a month-to-month basis, no long-term commitment. You can choose to start with a membership plan and upgrade into larger spaces as you grow, or in the event a catastrophic hit to the economy (such as a global pandemic) you can sleep easy knowing that office you just rented for your team of 12, can be transitioned to monthly memberships and vice versa. We welcome the growth, and we support the change. After all this is business. 

Close Knit Community  

 In a smaller boutique coworking space, there is more room for personal relationship. We thoroughly enjoy attending our member’s conventions, showcases, and galas as guests in support of their efforts. We also work overtime to understand their needs as entrepreneurs and connect them with other members within our walls. While all spaces offer a sense of community by simply providing a “home base” The Commons takes it to the next level. We understand you often spend more time at work than you do with your immediate family, and we vow to make your workspace feel as close to family as possible.

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Unique Amenities  

 While larger coworking corporations may have the funding to provide multiple locations, partnerships, etc. Boutique coworking spaces are forced to set themselves apart, in the coworking industry, that means providing services beyond the universal “flexible workspace.” These unique services can manifest by catering to a niche, such as “The Wing” located in Washing D.C. created specifically for women entrepreneurs, or “Glitch City” also located in Washington D.C., established with the intent to house indie game developers. Other spaces have added concepts to their spaces such as recording studios, or art studios.  

The Commons at Phase opened in 2019 as the largest coworking space in the country with onsite childcare. Along with the option of utilizing childcare onsite in your workplace, we are also the only space in Alpharetta with a fully equipped podcast studio and 5700 square foot Event Venue. That is a big bang for your buck if you ask us! 

When shopping for your next home base, be sure not to forget about the little guys. Each coworking space is unique to the next, and you deserve a custom fit to your work and lifestyle. If you are in Alpharetta, GA consider these 5 benefits to choosing a smaller coworking space and check out The Commons, we would love to meet you and show you all that we have to offer.  

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